Analysing the infringement of intellectual property rights and development of protection strategy

Pre-trial dispute settlement; preparation of warning letters and letters of complaints

Judicial protection of infringed IP rights and protection of IP rights under the administrative procedure

Registation of IP Objects within Customs Intellectual Property Registry of Ukraine

Our Office provides services for protection of violated copyright and infringed rights to trademark, industrial design, invention/utility model. In case of violation, we will comprehensively analyze the client`s challenge and the prospects of its resolution, we also will develop the protection strategy  and represent the client`s interests before the court or the relevant public authorities and/or third parties.

We offer you protection at every possible level:

Protection of violated rights by out-of-court remedies (such as preparation of warning letters and complaints, negotiations, etc.);

Judicial protection of violated rights;

Protection under administrative procedure – drafting and filing the applications, claims, notifications etc. to the public authorities, i.e. the State Intellectual Property Office, State Customs Office, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, and the agencies of interior of Ukraine.