Complex legal maintenance of IT projects and Internet projects

Consulting and legal support in respect of IP rights to the “works made for hire”

Drafting of public offers, users agreements, agent agreements, non-standard agreements

Registration of copyright to software, game, mobile application etc.

Widely using our knowledge and experience in the area of intellectual property, we has focused our legal practice on the field of IT, which is dynamically developing and increasingly requires a structured comprehensive approach to ensure its activities.

Our experience and knowledge can be helpful to software developers, game developers, web designers, developers as well as their investors and employers.

Our lawyers will help settle legal matters and provide a comprehensive legal support of your IT project, both at the Start-up stage, and when it’s a finished ongoing project, and support for successful conduct of business on the Internet.

For IT projects and Internet Business we offer the following comprehensive services:

   a legal analysis, opinions and recommendations regarding the business processes of a project;

   the development of a beneficial scheme of cooperation with your staff, the development of required agreements subject to intellectual property rights to designs;

  complete registration of and protection of the right to a website, namely to the trademark, the domain name, the software, the content of the website, as an intellectual property object;

  development of a portfolio of documents required for successful operation, including a User’s Agreement, a public offer, a non-disclosure agreement, agreements with software developers, and other authors, licensing agreements, and agency and dealer agreements, etc.;

  advice on how to properly retain ownership of the intellectual property objects in cooperation with clients, customers, subcontractors, your own staff, etc.;

  building of legal mechanisms to protect confidential information, trade secrets, and personal data;

   legal maintenance of an Internet project purchase;

    legal support to an Internet store;

    drafting of standard and non-standard agreements for IT projects operation, incl. public offers, agency and distribution agreements; Terms of Use, etc.;

  drafting of User’s Agreements;

  agreements with suppliers, and courier service agreements;

  advice on and legal provision of payments using electronic payment systems;

  legal support in consumer protection matters.