Registration of Copyright in the USA

Drafting license agreements, assignment agreements etc.

Copyright protection

In Ukraine, copyright is protected since the moment of creation and does not require any registration formalities.  This means that once a person has created and released a work/creation, he acquires all the copyright, property and non-property, in such work/creation.

It is ONLY the external expression of a work (external design), and not the ideas, concepts, principles highlighted therein, that is protected by copyright in accordance with the Ukrainian law approach. IFit is important for the author to protect the very idea (or method, technique) highlighted in such work, the latter may be patented as a utility model or an invention, provided that the criteria of patentability are observed.

However, in Ukraine, there is a voluntary procedure for copyright registration. Under the effective laws, each person wishing to do so may apply at any time to the State Intellectual Property Office and have the copyright in his work registered.

That is the registration we can make for you.

Why do we recommend to have the copyright registered?

  1. A certificate of registration of copyright is an official document as issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of Ukraine.
  2. The Certificate clearly states the authors of the work, and the date of creation thereof. The Certificate is a document confirming authorship. The author, having Cetificate, is not required to prove his authorship. This fact may only be contested through court procedure.


Advice on various aspects of copyright and copyright protection, including copyright in an office work;

Registration of copyright in a work and obtaining of the Certificate for you;

Assistance at a comprehensive registration of assignment of property copyright in a work developed under a commissioning agreement (including the development of a website, software, a commercial clip, a packaging design, etc.)

Provision of a comprehensive legal support concerning the protection of the copyright violated;

Selection of an optimum scheme of copyright disposal; preparation of an authorship agreement concerning the assignment of the right to a work or a licensing agreement, in accordance with your requirements.

We can also help register you have your copyright registered in the USA.