We successfully overcome the preliminary refusal of Trademark registration of Patent Office of Ukraine

  • 29.09.2016

Trademark registration procedure in Ukraine shall take about 15 months. However, in some cases registration procedure`s term may be extended up to 20 months.

Last spring we were contacted by a new client (a famous international sportswear manufacturer) for legal assistance in respect of overcoming the Preliminary Refusal of Trademark Registration of the Patent Office of Ukraine. The Provisional Refusal was based on the existence of prior TM registration in the other name owner. As far back as 2010 ,the client already tried to obtain legal protection to the mentioned trademark in Ukraine through the international procedure. However, first trying was not successful because of prior registration of the similar mark in the name of other owner, and the registration was refused. As it tuned out the owner of prior registration appeared to be the former employee of the mentioned company. Being the employee, he filed the trademark application at his name. In 2015 the company re-file the application to the mentioned mark in Ukraine. Our collaborative work with the client on the filing and well-formed strategy of client`s interest protection as well as well-pleaded drafted Response to the Refusal resulted in successful overcoming the provisional refusal of trademark registration. We were succeeded in registration of trademark in Ukraine for our client.

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